Way has been an active member on Soundcloud for two years. He's had a lot of ups and downs, from getting a substantial amount of likes for a newcomer, to no one listening to a track that he posted a month before. Now, he is steadily making a name for himself, with the latest three songs with at least 1,000 plays, and at least 100 likes. Way decided to collaborate with MastodonRare, Alef, and Qophishere and the latest three songs Mantra, Color Blind, and Go Together, respectively. Way plans on working with other artists around the Phoenix metro area, like Ashton Vaughn Charles, Venture, Deanna Aguilar, Gaby Paul, Emmitt Dupree, Gxldxn, and DZE withing the next year. He hopes to work with as many people as he can in AZ, showing the world that we have a lot of talent out here, we just haven't gotten our shine yet.

In the meantime, let's see how the current songs do on one of the most popular, free music streaming sites out there.