MastodonRare is a Los Angeles based rapper, currently residing Phoenix, AZ. He dropped his first official EP in late August called Fear and Loathing. Can I say that this a top notch project, and not because I produced two of the tracks. I like it because if his experiences were paint, this project is the brush that he uses to elegantly paint a picture. The production on the album is futuristic, with a couple of old school sounding tracks, making it a diverse EP, not an EP where every song sounds exactly the same.

Even though I produced Animals and The Winter, my favorite track is Confidence. The Chorus says, " Tell me something, tell me something, where were you when I had nothing?",  which is what everyone who has been taken for granted can definitely relate to. And the way he sings the chorus is simple, but graceful.

In conclusion, this is obviously a must-hear. I mean, I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't think so. See for yourself

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