Here is a project of a very talented, and unique, hip-hop artist residing in Atlanta, GA. He dropped it a couple weeks ago, and I have to say, it's dope as hell. If you get offended easily, or are trapped in your trap house, then this probably isn't for you. But if you like eerie and eccentric beats, provocative lyrics, and like to get hype and start a mosh pit, well then you're welcome.

My favorite track on this is 'Scorned Black Baby'; the flow is golden era approved, and the ambiance gets my blood flowing. It is definitely different from what's being played on the radio, but nobody enjoys radio anymore, they want music they can relate to, like this.

In conclusion, this is a must listen to. I even put the Soundcloud player on here, so the people who don't have the work ethic to simply click on a link and be redirected to Soundcloud, will have no excuse.

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Comment and share your thoughts on the project. Peace.