When I first decided to become Way, in 2007, I had no sense of direction, but I did know that I wanted to be known for being a great music artist…

Eight years later, and I am just now beginning a story worth telling. Before now, I was just a protagonist with no characters. I was just a title and an author, with no first chapter. I was trying to get to the end, but I had yet to create a middle or a beginning. Recently I realized that the journey is more important then the destination, and since then I have been able to start a narration that people cannot only follow, but also be a part of.

I make music that reflects my victories, triumphs, and struggles, and always emphasize the importance of hope to persevere. I found out that because I always talk about real life, and discuss things that are unfamiliar with superficiality, people relate to me on many levels, and use my music as a way to overcome their bad times, and enjoy their good times. I had a fan turned friend named Kashara text me out of the blue one day, and tell me that my music is timeless, and that I am the light to lead people out of the darkness. I asked my girlfriend what pops into her head when she thinks of Way, and she says that I bring people together with my music, and that I appreciate creative expression on a deep level.

But my story is a story worth telling, not because of what I do, but because of you and what you need. I can make music that explores problems and offers solutions all day, but it’s you that makes what I say important. You are not just my audience. You are my journey. Twenty years down the line, I won’t care about any awards I win, or any money I make. What I will be focused on is if you prospered from the advice, learned from my struggles, and smiled from our enjoyment of the music.

So instead of me putting my projects out there, and you either not liking it or enjoying, let’s interact. Tell me what you feel when you hear the music. Tell me what will brighten your day. Give me purpose, and in turn I will provide you with happiness through the love of music. Because at the end of the day, we are all searching for happiness.

This is not my story. This is our story. Are you ready to start making it?