It’s a special moment when one first immerses themselves into music; completely relishing in a myriad of melodies. Robert Garcia, known in the musical sphere as Way, was able to experience this at an age younger than most as he constantly surrounded himself with his father, a known Phoenix area DJ.

Intertwining his upbringing with major influences from Kanye West’s rolodex of hit musical compositions, Way took note as he himself became a lyrical force to be reckoned with.
As rapping became second nature, Way saw an opportune moment to traject himself over the competition - teaching himself music production, recording, mixing as well as mastering - a dangerous cocktail of skills admired by most.

Holding a strong proficiency in Hip Hop, Way takes his love and knowledge of urban music and mixes it with outside influences from R&B and electronic to craft unique genres - as heard recently in rapper Davonyea’s latest single “Pringles”, produced and mixed by Way himself. With a plethora of projects underway, expect an eclectic palette of tracks dropping within the next year.