Way is many things. A complex individual who looks for simplicity. A laid-back guy, who gets hype in the right situations. An introvert who express himself through music and verses. An artist who will eventually be your favorite artist's favorite artist. A music junkie, who despite 8+ years of trial and error in the music industry, is finally ready to show the world what he has. 

Way not only raps and song-writes, he also produces, records, mixes, and masters his, and other artists' music. Way has a calm demeanor, but when it comes to live performances, Way gets the crowd engaged, and keeps the vibes strong the whole set. If the show was dead before, Way will bring it back to life. Way has performed at over 40 shows in career so far, and has a tremendous amount of experience and confidence when it comes to putting a a show. 

If you would like to check out what Way has to offer, you can explore the links below. Enjoy your experience!